ZecSec: Zcash Ecosystem Security

October Update: Ywallet audited, and what's next?

Hi Zcash fans! It’s time for the first monthly update on the Zcash Ecosystem Security grant. This October, we saw the completion of a full security audit of Ywallet.

Ywallet’s fast scanning algorithm makes it an attractive option for users facing long delays due to the recent high usage of the Zcash blockchain. It had also received the least security review among the Zcash wallets, so we decided to prioritize it as the first project to be audited for this grant.

The audit report was delivered to Ywallet’s developers today and it will be published for the community to see after all necessary issues have been appropriately remediated.

What’s next?

In November, we will continue the focus on wallets, this time reviewing zecwallet-lite-cli. This library and command-line tool is the basis of the popular ZecWallet-lite wallet.

After this, we plan to take a short detour to focus on some of the smaller and earlier-stage community projects, before putting our focus back on wallets to review ZecWallet-lite proper, Nighthawk, and others.

If you’d like your project to be included in our upcoming audit schedule, please shoot an email to zecsec@defuse.ca with a link to your source code repository.